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Attivotrax Brand rep/ Reseller

Become a Air Track Brand Rep/Reseller

Do you want to make a difference by becoming a brand rep, make good money and potentially going to Disneyland for just sending some social media posts?
You could earn $100s if not $1000s for sharing. 

Dance / Gymnastics /Cheer Clubs

Have you got an organisation and want to send an email to your members and get paid for it? 

Contact us if you would like wholesale pricing for bulk orders for your Dance / Gymnastic / Cheer Club

 How it works.

  1. Buy an Attivotrax mat so you know what your selling. (doesn't include dance schools , cheerleading clubs, schools, organisations)
  2. Send us an email with your order number, name, age, your email. If your under 18 pls send you parents email address and their phone number.
  3. We will send your parents and email confirming their permission for you to become a brand rep. We will also need either you or your parents bank account details. You will get paid within 7 days after your client receives their mat. 
  4. We will then email you your own unique sales code. E.g (zoe65)
  5. Start posting and selling with your unique code after you receive your Attivotrax mat. To make it easier for you to sell your unique code we will give your buyers 5% off so be sure to you add your code when posting you on your mat.
  6. Hashtag #attivotrax and follow @attivotrax and @allthingactiveaus as we do lots of giveaways. 

 How much money can I earn?

 We are glad you asked. The more you sell the more money you get.

Sell 1-10 Air Tracks mats and get $20 each mat and become a Gold seller. You would also have changed 10 child’s lives.

Sell 11-30 Air Tracks Mats and you get $25 per mat and become a platinum seller. Platinum sellers also get a 1 off $100 shopping gift voucher once you sell 30 Air Tracks mats.  We will also sell you some Attivotrax merchandise so you can wear this to boost sales. You would have changed 30 child’s lives.

Sell 31-75 Air Tracks mats and you get $30 per mat and a become one of our Sapphire sellers. Once you sell 75 we will pay for you and one other to go to the Gold Coast for 3 days visiting wet and wild and sea world including accommodation and flights. You would have changed 75 child's lives.

Sell 76-150 Air Tracks mats and you get $35 per mat and become a Diamond seller. We will send you a one other to Disneyland for 5 nights including return airfare and accomodation. You would have changed 150 child’s lives 

 Ways to earn money

Your changing a child’s life every time a mat is bought through clean drinking water and vaccinations for a child.  You can use this to make it easier to pitch your story. You can use any images and text from our website.

  • Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube
  • School Fairs
  • Markets
  • Friends, Family

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